Switching modes in Cloud Shell running in Windows Terminal

I have been using Cloud shell for most of my day-to-day work for managing Azure resources –


I have been using cloud shell through Azure portal until recently when I have installed Windows Terminal which is in Preview mode and supports multiple tabbed consoles. I have setup Windows Terminal to support Cloud Shell as well, so that, I don’t need to open a browser every time I need to run cloud shell.


Since the time I have moved to Windows Terminal for cloud shell, I have been trying to identify a way to switch between bash and powershell similar to how I can do in the Azure portal –


To switch to powershell mode, type “pwsh” and press enter. To switch to bash, type “bash” and press enter.


The experience is not great as the cursor is set to the top left corner instead of the last line. I assume it will be fixed in the upcoming releases as the terminal is in preview mode right now.