Azure Advent Calendar 2019 – Serverless with Azure

The best part of my Ignite trip back in November was that I happened to meet so many people including Microsoft Employees and MVPs. Couple of folks I met were Gregor Suttie and Richard Hooper. They both are Azure MVPs. After my trip, I followed them on twitter. On one good day, I happened to come across their tweets about Azure Advent calendar which these two people were organizing. I knew I was late, but, I would like to thank both of them to get me a slot at the last minute. I have loved this idea where people from different parts of the world have come together to share their knowledge with the community. I can only say that community rocks and its great to be part of Azure Family.

Here is the website for Azure Advent Calendar –

and here is their YouTube Channel

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I have presented my session on Serverless offerings in Azure. I have covered Azure Functions and Azure Logic apps as part of my talk.

Here is the agenda –

  •  What is Serverless?
  •  Serverless offerings in Azure
  •  Azure Functions
    • Triggers and Bindings
    • Tooling
    • Pricing
    • Durable Functions
  •  Azure Logic Apps
    • Triggers and Connectors
    • Pricing

Here is the link to the slide deck –

Here is the video –

Azure Advent Calendar has turn out to be successful community event. Looking forward to many more.

Good Bye!