On-Demand SCIM provisioning of Azure AD to AWS SSO using Microsoft Graph

If you have an AWS environment and have been using Azure Active Directory(AAD) as your identity store, you would have utilized AWS Single Sign-on to sign in your users into AWS. 

With AWS SSO enabled, whenever a user elevates permissions in Azure AD, it can take up to 40 minutes to synchronize permissions to AWS. Though Azure AD offers an option to trigger on-demand provisioning through the Azure portal, unfortunately, it is not supported for AWS SSO. In this blog, I am sharing the steps to trigger on-demand synchronization using Microsoft Graph Explorer:


  • A user account with Azure global administrator privileges for triggering the on-demand synchronization
  • Elevate your permissions to the appropriate AWS role in Azure AD PIM before executing the following steps


1. Login into Graph Explorer with a global administrator account

2. GET the App ID for the AWS SSO application by making the following API call:

3. Use the ID from the previous step and GET the synchronization jobs by making the following API call:

4. Use the service principal id from the second step and synchronization job id from the previous step to trigger the synchronization job on-demand by making the following API call:

And that’s it. The synchronization will complete within a few seconds, and your users can log in to AWS with updated permissions.