“InvalidTemplateDeployment” error while deploying ARM Template

I was working on a PowerShell script today to deploy a service fabric cluster using ARM template and came across a weird error – The template deployment ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ is not valid according to the validation procedure. The tracking id is ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’. See inner errors for details. Please see https://aka.ms/arm-deploy for usage details.   It was … Read more

What is: Azure Storage Blob?

Microsoft Azure Storage provides an unstructured storage service for binary and text data known as Blob. It can be used to store any form of data including audio, video, images, documents and other media files. It can be accessed over the internet via HTTP or HTTPS, though the access can be controlled. The data stored in … Read more

How to: Remotely debug an Azure Web APP?

This post is in continuation of the post where I have explained how to host an Azure web app. In this post, I am going to show how to debug an Azure web app remotely. For the demo purpose, I have created a new web project and published the website on Azure following the steps in … Read more

How to: Host your First Azure Web App

If you have never hosted a web site on Azure and need some guidance, you are at the right place. When you have a web application, you can host it in 3 different ways in Azure – as an Azure Web App, as an Azure Cloud Service or inside a Azure Virtual Machine. In this post, I am … Read more

How to: Get Started with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud platforms across the globe. At the time of writing this post, Azure has 32 regions generally available and 6 regions coming up soon. It has data centers across the globe including US, Canada, Brazil, Europe, India, China and so on. Check out the updated list of Azure … Read more