Day 5 – Microsoft Ignite 2019

Like all good things, Microsoft Ignite 2019 is ending today. What an amazing week of learning and community building this has been. I cleared my Azure subscriptions, met some awesome community leaders including Scott Hanselman, and several MVPs, and attended some enlightening talks. I am sad to see this event ending, but, am taking a lot of good memories out of it.

Day 5 started for me with a session on ARM templates by Alex Frankel and Brian Moore. There were quiet a few things I learned including –

1. ARM templates support comments now

2. Intellisense is supported for ARM templates in VS code

3. Management Groups and Tenant scopes are now supported by ARM.

4. Deployment script resource provider

After the session, I headed to the hub for my last attempt of meeting some community leaders and I can vouch I didn’t expect it to go so well.

At the tech community booth, I met Anna Chu – MSFT community lead –

Next, guess what? I met Richard Campbell from .net rocks –

Then, I headed to Certification lounge to meet Tim Werner (Microsoft MVP and Pluralsight Author), Richard Hooper(Microsoft MVP), Kenny Lowe (Microsoft MVP), Gregor Suttie (Microsoft MVP) and Zak Belhat-

It’s time now to head back home. I hope I’ll be able to make it to Ignite next year as well. Till then, have fun and keep in touch!

Good Bye!